Competition tool and the highlighting of your event in Trackmania!

For competition organizers, we created a competition tool enabling you to run different types of competitions. This activity will allow every club to create and manage a competition while also showcasing it in the “Events” section of the game.

What kind of competition can I run with the competition tool?

  • Type of competition: simple elimination bracket.
  • Competition can start from 16th-finals, 8th-finals, quarterfinals or semi-finals.
  • Rounds automatically run: when a round is over, the next one starts immediately.
  • Game modes supported: Rounds, Laps and Cup.
  • Participants: up to 64 players per match and after each round half the players are eliminated.
  • Optionally: it’s possible to have a qualification phase in Time Attack on one map for selecting best players registered.

How to gain access to this tool?

It’s very simple. In your club you can access it in the activities menu.

 I run a competition, but I don’t want to use the competition tool. Is it possible to have an in-game news showcasing my event?

Yes, it’s possible and you have to send an email at competition-request[at] by providing us with the following information:

  • The club name
  • The competition name
  • A description (550 characters maximum on 6 lines maximum)
  • Dates and hours of every step
  • A logo in 256×256 (png, jpeg or dds)

If you have any questions regarding this tool or the showcasing of your event, please visit the Trackmania forums.

Happy Gaming!