The Trackmania Grand League is back on September 13th!

New game, new rules, new teams, new players, new streamers, and hopefully new spectators are invited to enjoy the most impressive show on the Trackmania esports’ scene. The Trackmania Grand League’s second season will take place from September 13th to October 18th. Every Sunday at 8 PM CET you will be able to watch one of the 6 steps of the regular Season.

16 players and 16 teams will take part in the Fall 2020 season. Reigning champion CarlJr returns while three newcomers will make their first appearance in the Grand League: Affi, Gwen, and Yannex! We are very happy to welcome 7 new teams: Alliance, BDS, Edelweiss, Gameward, Kameto Corp, Lazarus, and Team Secret for this new season.

It’s tradition; each team sets up their own livestream to follow the competition. So, you have the choice between many streams to support your favorite champion. English, French, and German languages will be available on the different streams.

All information and results will be available on our website and on Twitter. The TMGL also has a YouTube channel where you’ll be able to watch the best moments of the competition.

Do you want to become a TMGL champion?

You can join the competition by playing in the Trackmania Open Grand League every Saturday from September 19th to October 24th. At the end of the regular season, the 8 lowest-ranked  players of the TMGL will face the top 8 of the Open Grand League in a combined match. The 2 best OGL players of this match will qualify for the next TMGL season.

Have fun everyone! Enjoy the show and good luck to the champions!