Trackmania post launch adjustments

Hey Trackmania drivers,  

Thanks to everyone for this amazing release, we are really proud to see all of you enjoying the game as much as we do! It’s a great pleasure to work around such positive players and we’ve tried our best this week to correct the most urgent problems players have encountered in the game.

You’ve probably noticed that you no longer have issues with your records in solo and multiplayer mode. Here are some other changes you will be able to notice after today’s update:  

– We’ve improved the way we validate records in order to detect any inappropriate time on every map alongside some net code improvements. Still have work to do.
– Fixed an issue where Track of the day would not be available at 7PM CEST in solo play.
– Rooms should no longer display a wrong amount of players.
– Fixed an issue where frozen wheels would unfreeze instantly after leaving the ice.
– Camera 3 from previous Trackmania games is now available in the settings. In order to use it, select “old” for the cockpit view in settings.
– We’ve added more information about conversion rate from Standard to Club in the accesses summary page.
– Depending on the country and time of the year, you may now see advertising. Standard & Club edition can choose to display or hide in the settings of the game.  


Ubisoft Nadeo’s team